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Marketing Automation Specialist

Marketing Automation Specialist

Blue North is seeking a dynamic Marketing Automation Specialist.

Logic and structure are key to the delivery of Blue North’s personalized communications. Our communication pieces accommodate variations in content, design and client branding across all media: print, direct mail and digital. Since our communications projects involve multiple channels that share common data, and/or variability, the Marketing Automation Specialist owns coordinating and applying the data and its logic within the various technologies. The ideal candidate has proficiency in marketing automation email development and deployment, web page development and basic design. At the end of the day, the Marketing Automation Specialist ultimately ensures that the channels work well together and that Blue North is consistently delivering top quality marketing campaigns to its clients.


  • Apply personalization and relevancy to our clients’ donors’ communication pieces, leveraging multiple channels, primarily print and digital
  • Responsible for the quality assurance, execution, measurement and maintenance of automated marketing programs
  • Translate project requirements into technical specifications and own the delivery of variable print jobs, emails, and other jobs of a technical nature using our internal technologies and outside vendors
  • Create and execute marketing automation workflows within Blue North’s marketing automation platform
  • Work closely with various client and employee stakeholders to develop and implement segmented emails and campaigns
  • Map data with variable elements
  • Perform quality checks that include verifying that the logic and data merge functionality has been correctly implemented by comparing sample output to test data, and proofreading
  • Generate sign off proofs for internal and client review
  • Prepare output data to meet requirements with high degree of accuracy
  • Create monthly marketing performance reports
  • Coordinate with project managers to meet project deadlines


The job depends heavily on:

  • Proven technical aptitude and ability to logically work through specifications  while assuring data integrity and efficiency
  • Experience with Variable Data software, Marketing Automation platforms and Microsoft Excel; good understanding of how a marketing automation system works
  • Strong HTML skills; ideally experience hand-coding HTML, an understanding of JavaScript
  • Experience with direct mail/printing industry, including print composition software, such as XMPie
  • Experience building web pages using Dreamweaver or FrontPage; experience with landing page marketing strategy; experience with Adobe Creative Suite would be great, but not required; experience with Photoshop (or similar) for the creation, editing and design of images
  • Experience with databases and SQL
  • Experience with workflow and content generation for the web specifically specifying how segmented, data driven content and variable imagery will be presented via web pages
  • Experience with direct mail/printing industry
  • Highly organized and energetic with a proven track record of meeting deadlines
  • Excellent communicator
  • A person with an eye for detail and 100% accuracy – an excellent quality checker
  • Strong logic, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to adapt to changing priorities in a fast-paced environment, good time management and project management skills