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Blue North receptionist sitting at her desk

About Us

Each day we come to work to raise money for clients like you so you can accomplish your mission to do good in this world. The fact that we have so much fun doing it is just a bonus.
Blue North team discussing fundraising strategies

Who Is Blue North?

We’re hardcore fundraising strategists, data geeks, and eccentric creative types. Each member of our growing team is hand-selected to make a powerful difference for our clients. We’ve got you covered no matter what, whether it’s data analytics and management, campaign planning, or print services. Together, we have the tools, the skills, and the smarts to raise more money for you and your cause. 


At Blue North, we are proud of our past projects, our people and our potential to help you raise more so you can continue your work of transforming lives.


Unmatched expertise and passion is what equips us to fully optimize your fundraising results through strategic personalized communications.


Our diverse group of talent brings a variety of perspectives and experience to best serve your opportunity.

Blue North member walling up the stairs

we've walked in your shoes

With many of our consultants previously holding top fundraising positions at nonprofits across the country, we know your challenges intimately. Our diverse experience gives us the insight and know-how to thoughtfully enhance your donor experience.

meet our thought leaders

Blue North CEO

Cam Shapansky


He’s the big cheese. Blue cheese of course. Cam makes sure our team delivers you the very best client experience anywhere so you can raise more money and do more great work. And you’ll get used to the smell.

Cam says...
“I meet people every single day who exist to make the world better. They just don’t quite know how to do it. That’s where I help. Give me a flip chart and a marker. Together we’ll come up with a plan to do more good.”
Blue North VP, Products and Relationships

Kristian Dart

VP, Products and Relationships

Kristian brings a strategic perspective to our client’s fundraising portfolios. He introduces clients to new approaches that take their donor relationships and results to a new level. And Kristian will amaze you with his encyclopaedic knowledge of sports trivia.

Kristian says...
“My dad collected baseball cards and he used them to teach me about baseball. It was the beginning of my passion for baseball and data. And Mike Schmidt was my dad’s favourite player. Every time I see that card it’s like getting a hug from dad.”
Blue North Senior Director of Client Insights

Pete Ward

Senior Director, Client Insights

Pete makes our clients smarter. He leads a team of sharp minds that dig into your data and discover donor insights that grow your revenue. And Pete’s no slouch himself. When he shaves, we’ve heard he uses Occam’s Razor.

Pete says...
“I’m most productive when I listen to Baroque music with a great set of headphones.”