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How to get in on a great thing at Blue North

Are you the fit we’re looking for? Don’t wait - apply today!


Here are some reasons why people like working with us:

  • We’re nice…and a lot of fun to work with
  • Our clients are all do-gooders and we love helping them make the world a better place
  • Summer barbeques & tasty blunches (Blue + Lunch - but of course!)
  • Our Guelph office is located downtown along the river with restaurants, coffee shops and shopping close by
  • A great mix of right- and left-brained people that are passionate about what we do
  • We have not one, not two but THREE different coffee-making apparatuses to cater to your specific coffee consumption needs
  • Our highly competitive annual pool tournament (the one event our “nice” badges may or may not be set aside)
  • We have several musicians, artists, cooks, foodies and athletes on staff
  • Cool, urban office space. Exposed brick and beam, original art, comfy couches, and even a basketball net!
  • If you aren’t already convinced a gig at Blue North is sweet…from candy corners to “butter tart Thursdays”- there is no shortage of goodies in our office
  • We’re serious about our work…and darn proud of it too!