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Middle donor programs

Realize the full potential of your donor file

The Middle Donor area is a bit of a buzz area in the fundraising world right now. And for good reason. Blue North has led dozens of organizations through the development, overhaul and optimization of their programs. We have a strong argument to call ourselves the most qualified, and yes best, Middle Donor agency in the world.

We’ve harnessed this experience into a best-practice approach to growing and optimizing Middle Donor files – and we can put it to work for you!

Our experience includes:

  • Working to develop and improve Middle Donor programs for 26 organizations over the past 12 years
  • Tracking and compiling best practices for over a decade
  • Development of our own Middle Donor curriculum that includes training on our own proven best practice structure, processes and model
  • Working on and training organizations in Middle Donor management in Canada, U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia
  • Tracking and monitoring growth and progress in programs to confirm, improve and evolve our methodology
  • Leading workshops and seminars on Middle Donor management around the world
  • Developing a predictive financial modelling tool to accurately project program growth over a five-year period
  • Helping organizations improve the retention of their best donors and feed qualified Donors into the Major Gift area through robust and effective Middle Donor management
  • Developing a series of Middle Donor programs that help connect donors to the work of the organization

Whether you’re building the business case to start your Middle Donor program or looking for an injection of new ideas into a mature file, we can help.

Talk to one of our Middle Donor specialists today!