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Donor Experience Programs

Increase Donor Value by focusing on key touchpoints in the donor lifecycle

Today’s donors are living in the Amazon world of targeted communications. They have high expectations for deeper levels of personalization in their communications and service experiences that influence their expectations with nonprofits. Developing a well-designed donor lifecycle program that warmly thanks donors for their support, communicates the difference their donation will make, and extends an invitation to be part of your organization’s larger mission is critical to deepening the connection with your donors, starting at the moment of their first gift. When donors feel personally connected and reminded they’re part of something that is transforming lives, they’re more likely to give again.

We can help you take your donor communications beyond just fundraising appeals. We have developed a proven approach to engage donors in a way that increases engagement and loyalty. Here are some of the services we offer:

Develop Your Donor Journey Map - One of Blue North’s core capabilities is the creation of custom donor journey maps to identify the key experiences for your donors. These experiences speak to the needs and interests of the donor audience at the different stages of their relationship with you. We can help you develop specific donor journeys for all the key donor lifecycle segments, including New Donor Onboarding, New Monthly Donor Welcome Experience, Lapsed Donor Reactivation and Loyal Donor Retention.

Donor Lifecycle Communications - Blue North’s long history in developing highly personalized communications started in our early beginnings in the financial sector. We have the expertise required to develop highly-personalized, data-driven communications to take your donor experience to another level. We can support you along a broad spectrum from simple personalized letters or emails, to complex, multi-piece welcome kits with personalization dispersed throughout the package!

Donor Journey Automation – We can take all your donor touchpoints and automate delivery! Our automation platforms allows for the creation of a true ‘surround sound’ donor experience. Donors will receive a holistic and integrated series of touchpoints in print, email, phone, web and social media. We build the business rules for these triggered communications using your data to ensure that donors get the right experience at the right time. And once it’s built, it requires little ongoing effort on your part! You’ll receive regular reports on the activity so you know your donors are getting the experience they deserve!

We’d love to help you take your donor experiences to the next level!

Book a complimentary session with one of our donor journey experts to find out more about how Blue North can help.