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Blue North team member playing billiards



Cam Shapansky

Cam Shapansky


He’s the big cheese. Blue cheese of course. Cam makes sure our team delivers you the very best client experience anywhere so you can raise more money and do more great work. And you’ll get used to the smell.

Cam says...

“I meet people every single day who exist to make the world better. They just don’t quite know how to do it. That’s where I help. Give me a flip chart and a marker. Together we’ll come up with a plan to do more good.”
Kristian Dart

Kristian Dart

Chief Growth Officer

Kristian brings a strategic perspective to our clients' fundraising portfolios. He introduces clients to new approaches that take their donor relationships and results to a new level. And Kristian will amaze you with his encyclopedic knowledge of sports trivia.

Kristian says...

“My dad collected baseball cards and he used them to teach me about baseball. It was the beginning of my passion for baseball and data. And Mike Schmidt was my dad’s favourite player. Every time I see that card it’s like getting a hug from dad.”
Greg Bedford

Greg Bedford

VP, Finance and Infrastructure

Greg’s about driving. He drives great deals on stuff for our clients to drive up their bottom lines. And he keeps the Blue North machinery tuned up and purring, just like the 5.0-litre V-8 in his black beauty. That’s the Ford Mustang he only drives to work on sunny days.

Greg says...

“If I ever get a sabbatical, you’ll find me on a race track somewhere. In a fast car. Not in my car, mind you. I’m too careful with that and wouldn’t want to total it. I’d definitely bring Justin’s car though.”


Executive VP, Blue North US

Tony has big goals! First, he wants to find the world’s best chocolate dessert and eat as much as he can stomach. Along the way, he wants to help non-profits raise more money and reduce the number of hungry and homeless people in our communities. Tony invites you to join him in achieving these important goals!


Tony says…

"I admit it. It’s an obsession. I make use of the whiteboard at any and all meetings, no matter how unnecessary."



Pete Ward

Pete Ward

Senior Director, Client Insights

Pete makes our clients smarter. He leads a team of sharp minds that dig into your data and discover donor insights that grow your revenue. And Pete’s no slouch himself. When he shaves, we’ve heard he uses Occam’s razor.

Pete says...

“I’m most productive when I listen to Baroque music with a great set of headphones.”
Derek Bowers

Derek Bowers

Manager, Data Services

Like an involved piece of music, data also has many components that have to come together perfectly for the audience. Derek certainly gets that: he’s a musical data guy. Drumming, strumming, picking….

At BN, he aims to help us tighten our standard data model, apply standard procedures and documentation methods and conduct the people and parts in a great way that makes it harmonious for our clients. Derek BowersDerek says...

“A sabbatical would take me, and my banjo, to Alabama to hang out and make music with my family. You can count on lots of big musical parties outside.”
Lisette Vanderkamp

Lisette Vanderkamp

Senior Director, Project Delivery

When Lisette isn’t roaming the world, she helps navigate projects through the creative process. She knows a lot about data, tech and print on demand, perfectly at home with all facets of variable printing.

Lisette says...

“I like to think of myself as the office sunflower. I’m tall, happy, friendly and hardy. And who can miss a striking sunflower in the garden?”

Michelle Vinokurov

Director, Strategic Accounts

Michelle brings amazing capabilities to your cause. For one, she speaks multiple languages and has worked with non-profits all over the world. Her number one goal is to bring the best practices in fundraising to your project in order to raise more money and delight your donors.


Michelle says…

"You might find me at the office in my slippers because I work best when I’m comfy."

David Morin

David Morin

Senior Digital Fundraising Strategist

David loves role play. You should see him as a gnome assassin. But at Blue North, he’s not roleplaying, even if he’s smoking a cigar and drinking wine. He is serious about ensuring we use the most effective and up-to-date digital tactics in our fundraising practices. David MorinDavid says...

“If I could take a trip, I would go to Cuba and bring my kids and wife.” Do the cigars have anything to do with that?
Sharon Howell

Sharon Howell

Senior Fundraising Specialist

Sharon provides leadership in fundraising and direct marketing. She asks the tough questions that keep the Blue North team focused on our clients' donors and what matters to them. And she plays a mean set of spoons in our office jug band.

Sharon says...

“When I’m not looking for ways to increase donor response, you might find me sleuthing with Jessica Fletcher during one of my Murder, She Wrote marathons.”
Bill Whitehead

Bill Whitehead

Design Lead and Studio Manager

Bill cooks up delicious designs that help our clients tell captivating stories, raise more money, and do more good in the world. We think Bill’s creativity comes from the green smoothie concoctions he sucks through a straw out of a large mason jar.

Bill says...

“When I’m away from my Mac my favourite tools are knives, cookware, a Vitamix blender and stove. If only my kids would eat what I make.”

Trevor Hughes

Senior Database Developer – Appeals Lead

Patterns, rhythms, insights. Trevor sees donor behaviour in the data. And he structures the data so you can dance to your donor’s beat. But we put our foot down when Trevor wanted to bring his congas to the office.Trevor says...

“I do good work with the data. But I think the real reason Blue North hired me is my record collection, on vinyl, of course.”
Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 3.52.45 PM

Caroline Banas

Manager, Consulting Practice

Caroline helps Blue North and its clients achieve their goals by ensuring consulting projects are executed efficiently and to the highest standard. She helps lead a team that dig deep into your files to help you better understand your donors and results and build data-driven strategies that increase the impact of your fundraising programs.

booksCaroline says...

“I’m always happy to share book recommendations for your next great read. Fiction, nonfiction, varied genres, let’s talk books!”
Karla Benson

Karla Benson

Human Resources Business Partner

Karla is our HR leader - from leading the candidate experience to focusing on the employee experience. She is on a mission to develop people strategies and programs that will help Blue North grow and keep BNers engaged, happy, and developing in their careers so that they can continue delivering amazing results to our clients. Sometimes those experiences include baked goods and dad jokes. What’s a dog’s favourite nighttime event with pals – a sleepover pawty!

Karla BensonKarla says...

“I really enjoy helping others and coming up with creative solutions to solve problems. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! And even more rewarding if that way leads to a beach.”
Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 3.46.31 PM

Chris Brnjas

Director, Strategic Accounts

Chris helps Blue North and its clients to achieve an all-around exceptional experience. Building relationships with our clients is what he does best! Playing a key role in ensuring all goals and initiatives between Blue North and clients are always met with excellences.

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 3.04.12 PM

Chris says...

“If I was given a sabbatical I would go to a monastery somewhere in Eastern Europe (Greece, Turkey, Croatia) to read, reflect, pray and write. To quote a favourite musician "If I come without a thing I come with all I need".”


Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 3.45.39 PM

Jessica Evans

Senior Director, Finance

Jess helps Blue North by leveraging her system integration knowledge, automation skills, and industry expertise to develop high-value insights. She helps identify both company and client opportunities through data to increase best results.

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 3.10.28 PM

Jess says...

“I believe I was actually hired at Blue North for my handy Excel skills and "git-r-done" personality”
Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 3.47.23 PM

Sierra Kharian

Team Lead, Project Management

Sierra is a mentor and a leader for the project managers team. Ensuring they have the training and resources they need to perform their roles effectively. Sierra makes sure projects are delivered on time and on budget. She collaborates with many teams to help produce great work to do more good for our clients!

Fun fact about Sierra is she loves fresh pens, office supplies, and rabbits! 

Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 5.02.25 PM

Sierra says...

“I believe I was hired at Blue North for my ability to pick a GIF from "The Office" for any situation or conversation.”
Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 3.51.37 PM

Teresa Marquis

Manager, Print Production

"I like to create efficiencies. Even with my name, I go by T!"

T is an invaluable member of the Blue North team, possessing the exceptional talent for executing stellar direct mail campaigns. Her keen strategic insights and eye for detail yield remarkable results.  

golf clubs on a golf course on a beautiful sunny day

T says...

“Hey Alexa.. play Shaggy or Leonard Cohen! just kidding.. I believe I was actually hired at Blue North because I will dance to any music, and sing a great karaoke rendition of Every Woman”
Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 3.44.30 PM

Lindsay McIver

Director, Strategic Accounts

Lindsay brings 10+ years of integrated fundraising experience to accounts. She knows how organizations work, what they need to achieve their fundraising goals, and how to position it to their donors. Hint: it all starts with sincere relationships. Having two kids under two fuelled her ability to get things done! 

Colorful music notes - isolated over a white background

Lindsay says...

“If I was given a six-month sabbatical to pursue a personal passion anywhere in the world I would go to Thailand. I recently connected with lost family ties in Thailand. I would move my family there to learn the language, cook all the food and country hop around Asia. ”
Gail image

Gail Black-Elliott

Vice President, Client Experience and Consulting

Gail is responsible for setting the overarching fundraising strategies for Blue North clients. Gail provides coaching and support to internal team members so they can continue to deliver outstanding fundraising results as we scale and grow the services that we offer to our clients. Gail's focus is on delivering the highest quality and most effective fundraising campaigns and donor engagement programs.

Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 3.29.47 PM

Gail says...

“I believe I was actually hired at Blue North for my many thoughts and opinions and love for work