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The people behind Blue north

Introducing our passionate group of go-getting do-gooders. We are proud of this diverse collection of individuals who bring unmatched innovation and talent to help you optimize your fundraising efforts. Click photos to read more.
Cam Shapansky

Cam Shapansky


He’s the big cheese. Blue cheese of course. Cam makes sure our team delivers you the very best client experience anywhere so you can raise more money and do more great work. And you’ll get used to the smell.

Cam says...

“I meet people every single day who exist to make the world better. They just don’t quite know how to do it. That’s where I help. Give me a flip chart and a marker. Together we’ll come up with a plan to do more good.”
Kristian Dart

Kristian Dart

VP, Products and Relationships

Kristian brings a strategic perspective to our clients' fundraising portfolios. He introduces clients to new approaches that take their donor relationships and results to a new level. And Kristian will amaze you with his encyclopedic knowledge of sports trivia.

Kristian says...

“My dad collected baseball cards and he used them to teach me about baseball. It was the beginning of my passion for baseball and data. And Mike Schmidt was my dad’s favourite player. Every time I see that card it’s like getting a hug from dad.”
Greg Bedford

Greg Bedford

VP, Finance and Infrastructure

Greg’s about driving. He drives great deals on stuff for our clients to drive up their bottom lines. And he keeps the Blue North machinery tuned up and purring, just like the 5.0-litre V-8 in his black beauty. That’s the Ford Mustang he only drives to work on sunny days.

Greg says...

“If I ever get a sabbatical, you’ll find me on a race track somewhere. In a fast car. Not in my car, mind you. I’m too careful with that and wouldn’t want to total it. I’d definitely bring Justin’s car though.”



Tony has big goals! First, he wants to find the world’s best chocolate dessert and eat as much as he can stomach. Along the way, he wants to help non-profits raise more money and reduce the number of hungry and homeless people in our communities. Tony invites you to join him in achieving these important goals!


Tony says…

"I admit it. It’s an obsession. I make use of the whiteboard at any and all meetings, no matter how unnecessary."



Pete Ward

Pete Ward

Senior Director, Client Insights

Pete makes our clients smarter. He leads a team of sharp minds that dig into your data and discover donor insights that grow your revenue. And Pete’s no slouch himself. When he shaves, we’ve heard he uses Occam’s razor.

Pete says...

“I’m most productive when I listen to Baroque music with a great set of headphones.”
Brian Tucker



Brian and his bicycles have a beautiful relationship. It’s a partnership that’s taken them places! At Blue North, Brian’s goal is to build mutually beneficial partnerships with new and existing clients. As a partner, he’ll create new opportunities to go even further with your donors.


Brian says…

"As a cyclist, you can ride down a road that you’ve driven 100 times and see the world in a completely new way."

William Tully

William Tully


As a SCUBA diver, Tully’s seen the wonders that lie below the surface of the water. At Blue North, he loves building cutting-edge technology that dives deep into the data and helps drive better fundraising results for our clients.

item_william_tullyTully says...

"I will never forget diving in the Galapagos Islands; it is a truly unique place, that changes you forever."

Deb Shapansky

Deb Shapansky

Learning and Development Manager

Deb helps create the amazing teams that support our clients. She finds the right people with the right skills to help every client do more good in the world. She’s also the pool tournament convenor, staff party poo bah, parking officer and so much more.

Deb says...

“I love working with our staff. But when I need a little breather, I dream of being on a beautiful beach in Mexico, with my yoga mat and a Spanish-English dictionary.”



Employees. That’s what Lisa’s passionate about. She’s focused on making the employee experience at Blue North exceptional. Lisa works hard to provide the resources, tools, and training they need to provide amazing service to our clients every day!


Lisa says…

"The WHY of my life is family. And flavoured cream for my coffee is the HOW!"



Teresa Blanking

Teresa Blanking

Office Manager

Teresa is the friendly face you see when you visit Blue North. And she’s the welcoming voice on the phone. But really, Teresa helps to keep Cam organized and multi-tasks in between. Also, Teresa is super funny and can fix anything.

Teresa says...

“What’s happiness? For me it includes my camera, stereo speakers, a yoga mat and my garden! And well-behaved children doesn’t hurt either.”
Loralie Anbeek

Loralie Anbeek

Financial Administrator

She says it’s not a problem. But Loralie has an uncontrollable urge to high-five the nearest person after every successful bank reconciliation. Be ready. You’ve been warned.

Loralie says...

“I love my work. But nothing’s more important to me than my two beautiful daughters!”
Stephanie Fowler

Stephanie Fowler

Print Coordinator

Print runs, press proofs, data purges. Stephanie is relentless in her work to ensure that every piece is printed with quality and delivered on time and on budget. It’s the same exacting care she uses to craft her legendary strawberry jam.

Stephanie says...

“A good brush after lunch makes work in the afternoon so much better. Just like good data hygiene is essential to the variable print process.”
Pat Martin

Pat Martin

Print Coordinator

Pat turns plain paper into amazing mail pieces. She loves the challenge of marrying creative strategy with physical manufacturing realities. It’s something she’s been doing for more than 20 years.

Pat says...

“When not working with data and the technicalities of ink, paper and print, I’m either hiking into the woods to paint or working in a studio session.”

Michelle Vinokurov


Michelle brings amazing capabilities to your cause. For one, she sings songs in multiple languages. If that’s not enough, she also brings the best practices in fundraising to your project in order to raise more money. And that will make everyone sing!


Michelle says…

"You might find me at the office in my slippers because I work best when I’m comfy."



Senior Relational Strategist

Robyn's goal is to change the world, one relationship at a time. And as a busy mom of two boys, she knows all about relationships and how to keep them real. That's the value she adds for our clients — helping you build authentic relationships with Middle and Major donors.

item_robyn_tremblayRobyn says…

"I loved my studies in Humber College’s Fundraising Management Graduate Program so much that I stayed on to teach a course there!"

Sharon Howell

Sharon Howell

Fundraising Specialist

Sharon provides leadership in fundraising and direct marketing. She asks the tough questions that keep the Blue North team focused on our clients' donors and what matters to them. And she plays a mean set of spoons in our office jug band.

Sharon says...

“When I’m not looking for ways to increase donor response, you might find me sleuthing with Jessica Fletcher during one of my Murder, She Wrote marathons.”
Teresa Booth

Teresa Booth

Consulting Services Manager

She's got the moves like Jagger on the dance floor. And she’s no slouch on the office floor, either. She’s in constant motion, making sure our clients get the tactical support they need to make big plans and do more good.

Teresa says...

“At work, it’s all about plans and schedules to get the creative work done. After five, I take up my torch and safety glasses to learn the fine art of glass blowing.”
Angela Drystek

Angela Drystek

Project Manager - Special Projects

Angela will crack you up. She can unleash a mean pun like nobody else. But when it comes to your project, she’s all business. Angela’s focused on closing the gap between creative execution and project momentum. She makes sure your project is done right and on time.


Angela says…

"I love being active. Running is my happy place!"

Jennifer Hall

Jennifer Hall

Director of Strategic Accounts

Your goals are Jennifer’s goals at Blue North. She listens to our clients, digests their needs and brings their voice to the Blue North team. Don’t be fooled - under that calm, cool demeanor beats the heart of a lion for her clients.

Jennifer says...

“At home I relax with my knitting needles and my dog. But at work, I’ve got the biggest Bodum money will buy to start my day with French-pressed energy.”
Dylan Tarnowsky

Dylan Tarnowsky


Listening. Understanding challenges. Helping create solutions. That’s how Dylan helps clients take their fundraising results to the next level. Around the office, we call him “Chilly Dyl” — for his infectious personality. Well, that’s the reason we tell him.

Dylan says...

“Some people say I don’t need the extra energy, but I love my espresso all the same. I’d love to take my family to Italy and have my espresso on a sunny piazza.”
Devin Bonner

Devin Bonner

Account Manager

As account manager, Devin ensures his client’s voice is heard throughout the creative process. He helps clients develop new opportunities to maximize their donor file. Also, Devin’s still clinging to the dream of winning the company pool tournament.

Devin says...

“My dog Morty has all the qualities I want to bring to my clients. Fierce loyalty, excitement for the work and a love of belly rubs.”
Carly Klassen



Squeek, squeak, swish! Yes, not long ago, Carly was a varsity basketball star. Now she’s a volunteer mentor and coach for a local high school basketball team. So she knows about team play and pushing hard for the hoop. And she’ll bring that same game face to your fundraising team.


Carly says…

"Away from work and the basketball court, I’m probably starting another DIY project, and daydreaming about sailing around the world."



Account Executive

Kasia is awesome! She’s a detail-oriented, big-picture thinker. She’s thick-skinned but soft inside. Kasia brings the best of both worlds to our clients as she turns your goals into results that help you fulfill your mission.


Kasia says…

"The dog ate my shoes, but I kept them anyway. They’re a reminder that possessions are fleeting and they inspire me to overcome every roadblock in my way."

Jen Barson

Jen Barson

Account Executive

Jen’s an entertaining gal. She is an actor, producer and co-host of a local trivia night in Guelph. You’ll enjoy getting to know Jen as she walks with you from the start to the finish of every project. And maybe you’ll have a laugh along the way as well.


Jen says…

"I’m a storyteller. I’m either telling a client’s story through projects, or playwright’s story on stage as an actor."

Lisette Vanderkamp

Lisette Vanderkamp

Delivery and Experience Manager

When Lisette isn’t roaming the world, she helps navigate projects through the creative process. She knows a lot about data, tech and print on demand, perfectly at home with all facets of variable printing.

Lisette says...

“I like to think of myself as the office sunflower. I’m tall, happy, friendly and hardy. And who can miss a striking sunflower in the garden?”



At the centre of our studio, Yvonne makes sure the right people are working on your project at the right time. She brings more than twenty years of project management experience to this vital role and to the clients she serves.


Yvonne says…

"There’s lots going on in the studio each day. Like a Swiss Army knife, I love pulling out the right skill for each job."



Jen Warden

Jen Warden

Project Manager

Jen is calm, cool and collected. She keeps projects moving ahead, on time and on budget. Behind the scenes, you might find her stressing about the details. But Jen is resourceful and finds a way to make it all work.

Jen says...

“I love do-it-yourself. And Pinterest is just the best. My boards give me all the inspiration and ideas I need for my home projects.”



Liam has a British accent. So, he seems really smart and people hang on every word he says. He’s also funny and engaging. With this toolkit of charms and skills, Liam supports Project Managers to deliver your projects on time and on budget. And maybe you’ll get a few chuckles as well!


Liam says…

"Puppets are great communication tools and reconnect us with our child-like, playful spirits."



Bill Whitehead

Bill Whitehead

Design Lead

Bill cooks up delicious designs that help our clients tell captivating stories, raise more money, and do more good in the world. We think Bill’s creativity comes from the green smoothie concoctions he sucks through a straw out of a large mason jar.

Bill says...

“When I’m away from my Mac my favourite tools are knives, cookware, a Vitamix blender and stove. If only my kids would eat what I make.”
Graham Bakelaar

Graham Bakelaar

Design Lead

Graham designs concepts that grab the attention of your donors and encourage them to give generously. And we’re not just saying that. You should hear how his cat purrs when he looks at Graham’s designs.

Graham says...

"Where does inspiration come from? For me, it’s easy. I just think of Saturday morning at the cottage. Sun on the still water. And the smell of sizzling bacon in a well-seasoned cast-iron frying pan."



When Cameron isn’t golfing, he’s plying his craft as a kick-ass designer with a keen eye for detail at Blue North. And he’ll drive your project straight — and long — down the fairway. Your design will be strong, accurate, and effective in getting the right message to your donors.


Cameron says…

"They’ll tell you I was hired as a designer, but everyone knows I’m here to help Cam win the company golf tournament!"



Mark Clayton

Mark Clayton

Senior Writer/Editor

Steel cut oats. Peanut butter. And strong black coffee. That gets Mark’s mojo working in the morning. Then he’s ready to put words to paper. Words that touch the hearts of your donors and persuade them to draw deeply from the well of generosity.

Mark says...

“When I’m not at my Mac or with my family, you’ll likely find me on a bike—having fun and hoping to be faster at the next Gran Fondo or group ride.”



Harry loves to travel. He wants to dive in deep. It’s all about experiencing what a destination has to offer — whether it’s a lake in Muskoka or a medieval castle in the UK. Harry will help you create meaningful experiences like these with your donors. He provides copy that resonates deeply with a donor’s values, moving them to give generously.


Harry says…

"I’m inspired by this picture book — it’s about a boy from Ghana who turns a small loan into a thriving farm and livelihood for many."




Kaeleigh has the smarts and abilities you need. She’ll divine actionable insights about your campaigns and donors that help you raise more money! But frankly, we’re more impressed by her uncanny ability to read and knit at the same time. You should see it. You’ll be amazed too!


Kaeleigh says…

"I work best with good music, but when I'm away from the computer you’ll probably find me knitting with a good book."






Katarina knows her away around the 88 keys on her piano. And she’ll help draw out the key insights from your data. Katarina is a virtuoso when it comes to analyzing large sets of data. She’ll provide you with a framework to understand and act on these insights so you can raise more money for your cause.


Katarina says…

"I love my piano, but it’s my espresso machine that keeps me humming."




Chitra Rajasekaran


Chitra’s a translator. She has years of work experience in programming, data, and other deeply techy stuff. And against all odds, she can also talk to regular people — even creatives. So she’s invaluable in figuring out how to help achieve your goals by bringing the best of two worlds together.


Chitra says…

"If I had a few months away from work, I would stay at home and start my own e-commerce video game business."

Trevor Hughes

Trevor Hughes

Data Specialist

Patterns, rhythms, insights. Trevor sees donor behaviour in the data. And he structures the data so you can dance to your donor’s beat. But we put our foot down when Trevor wanted to bring his congas to the office.Trevor says...

“I do good work with the data. But I think the real reason Blue North hired me is my record collection, on vinyl, of course.”
Marita Hogeveen

Marita Hogeveen

Marketing Automation Specialist

If the devil’s in the details, then Marita is your peace of mind. With a sharp eye and a clear sense of a document’s purpose, Marita makes sure your artwork is prepared just right before it goes to the printer.

Marita says...

“In the studio, it’s important that everything keeps moving on time. When I get home, I keep time and keep the beat on my drum kit.”