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Fundraising consulting

Senior leaders to unlock your fundraising potential

Our consultants are knowledgeable and draw upon considerable fundraising experience in leaderships roles within non-profit organizations. They can help you understand the current state of your fundraising activities and develop insights and recommendations to help realize your aspirations. We offer several different types of consulting engagements, including:

Blueprinting - You need a plan. It has to be measurable, it needs to deliver, and you need to be able to track it. We call this a BluePrint, and our BluePrinting™ exercise will get you where you want to go. BluePrinting examines your communications, your offers, your segmentation, and your results. It takes a simple audit to a whole new level, and it equips you with the specific information you need to plan for an effective donor experience. Whether you are looking for a plan to drive the entire organization or reinvigorate a specific program, we can help.

Innovation – We can help you navigate through new areas of fundraising and donor engagement. We have a track record of helping clients innovate, including: developing and launching new fundraising programs, conducting market research to gather insights and fuel new ideas, and developing and launching new technology strategies.

Coaching and Training – Whether you’re looking to train your staff on different fundraising approaches or get your Board more engaged in your fundraising program, we can help. We have a proven approach to helping organizations increase their fundraising capabilities through interactive workshop sessions on key topics. We also offer extended coaching and mentoring opportunities to help ensure the learnings are being put into action.

Talk to one of our fundraising consultants about how we can help you.