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Blue North Receptionist sitting at her desk

Our Philosophy

We believe that all Fundraising = Relationships.

And three common elements found in good relationships are understanding, concern and closeness. Those who know you well understand what you care about, want to know you’re OK, and are close enough to you to know if something is wrong. That’s why if a friend, who knows you love dogs, tells you they’re doing a walk to help eliminate puppy mills, you feel compelled to give. They don’t really have to ask.

At Blue North, we help clients create that compelling fundraising magic, and then scale it. It’s impossible to be physically close to every single donor all the time, so we use data mining and insights, mass personalization tools and techniques, deep fundraising knowledge, automated communications technology, and multiple channels to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time. 

The result? 

Your audience feels compelled to give. And they do. And we measure and track it. And we learn more and evolve our approach. And they give more. And as a result you are able to do more good in the world.

That’s what we do, that’s why we exist.

We want to put our philosophy to work for you.



To revolutionize the ways in which organizations connect with people.


A world in which our clients can do more good.

Our History

Man opening mail communications about finance
2002 Blue North is Born

Blue North Strategies is founded! The company started its journey in the financial sector delivering new communications approaches to clients which included all of Canada’s major banks, and many of the largest investment firms and insurance companies in North America. Over the next four years, Blue North developed a robust, secure technical platform and proven approach that provided highly customized and personalized financial statements to mass audiences.

Man placing checkmark to help with fundraising
2006 Blue North Meets Fundraising

Blue North’s history in the non-profit field is born. It began when a senior fundraising executive at a large organization received a personalized statement of her investment income. She wondered if the same approach could be used to improve reporting on the impact of their donors' gifts. That led to a relationship with Blue North that continues today as we proudly assist in their efforts to better our world.

People giving each other gifts around the world
2019 Blue North Today

Blue North works exclusively in the social sector as a full-service fundraising agency to help nonprofits connect with donors and grow their fundraising revenue. We have worked with a wide variety of clients across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, including international development organizations, hospitals and healthcare, family and children’s services, and the arts.