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Fundraising Data analysis & insights

Your data’s trying to tell you something

We love data. The more the better. It’s core to how we do things. Our fundraising data analysis expertise enables us to uncover meaningful insights that can influence creative program solutions, new content and design ideas and inform your overall donor treatment.

Our proprietary reporting platform makes it easy to track and analyze data from all types of fundraising programs. We monitor and analyze your results to produce valuable insights so we can continuously improve your programs.

We can host your data or connect directly to your database to analyze results with customizable reports and dashboards. This will to ensure you have everything you need to make fundraising decisions at your fingertips.

Some of our services include:

  • Campaign wrap-ups – comprehensive deep dives into the data from your fundraising appeals to reflect on what worked (and what didn’t) so we can learn and apply insights for future growth.
  • Health of the File Database Audits – we will get under the hood and review the overall performance of your donor file and fundraising portfolio. We’ll review key file trends and bring to light your unique opportunities and risks.
  • KPI Dashboards – organizations perform best when they have an eye on the big picture. Our KPI-based approach ensures that we are focused on the key metrics that drive sustainable fundraising growth. We work with you to identify the right fundraising KPIs to track for your individual organization, along with recommended targets. We can also build custom dashboards to ensure that these metrics get the focus they deserve.
  • Sector Benchmarking – our analysis and insights work with clients gives us a unique perspective on how different organizations are performing. We infuse these benchmarks into all of our work to identify the best places for you to focus your resources for growth.
  • Data Modelling – whether you’re looking for a better way to identify donors most likely to increase their giving level, prospects most likely to convert to new donors or lapsed donors that are most likely to reactivate, we can help. We have the capability to build robust data models to improve your segmentation and targeting to deliver better fundraising results.

We’d love to talk and find out how we can use our experience to help you raise more!