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Know where your donors belong

Written By: Cam Shapansky


This year I’ve spent a lot of time not only pondering the flow of the donor journey, but more specifically recognizing that there are not one, but many different streams and specific criteria that distinguish which stream a donor belongs in.

Most organizations recognize that different categories of donor treatment are important to establish. However, what many organizations don’t recognize is that the category which a donor falls under shouldn’t necessarily be determined based on the size of their gift.

What many large organizations end up creating are unnatural silos in their donor management system in an effort to systematically deal with volume efficiently. The motivation is right—minimizing cost while maximizing revenue. Unfortunately, the resulting system is bumpy and less than ideal from the donor’s perspective.


Luckily there are ways to establish a fluid process for donor assignment and to nurture healthy custom relationships with your valued donors. At Blue North, we call it the Pod System.

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Topics: Donor Journey, Donor Experience, Relationship Fundraising

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