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Giving Tuesday Q&A with Digital Specialist Stephanie Lapensee

Written By: Blue North on December 19, 2018


Relationship Fundraising, Donor Experience, Insider December 19, 2018
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Know where your donors belong

Written By: Cam Shapansky on November 03, 2017


Donor Journey, Donor Experience, Relationship Fundraising November 3, 2017
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New Thoughts on New Donors

Written By: Cam Shapansky on June 07, 2017

Before I get ahead of myself, I wanted to note how excited I am to be sharing this blog with you from our brand new website! Be sure to take a browse and check out our new resources and content.

Acquisition, Donor Experience, Donor Journey, New Donor Onboarding, Relationship Fundraising, Stewardship, Retention June 7, 2017
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The Gift of The Ask

Written By: Cam Shapansky on January 02, 2017

I was struck this past Christmas by something my 13-year-old son did.

Donor Journey, Donor Experience, New Donor Onboarding, Relationship Fundraising January 2, 2017
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Do the math

Written By: Cam Shapansky on September 22, 2016

I’ve talked to a lot of organizations lately that seem to be frightened by the current environment and chasing a spiral down the drain.

Acquisition, New Donor Onboarding, Donor Journey, Donor Experience September 22, 2016
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Talking middle donors across the globe

Written By: Cam Shapansky on May 26, 2016

 “Wow, I’ve been to a bunch of talks and workshops on middle donors but this is the first one that the presenter actually knew what he was talking about.”

That’s feedback we got after our Toronto Middle Donor workshop on May 11. And I’m not even sure how to respond.

Mid-Level Program, Acquisition, Donor Journey, Donor Experience May 26, 2016
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Stuck in the middle: A little-understood segment with huge potential

Written By: Cam Shapansky on April 19, 2016

Last month, I started banging the drum about Middle Donors, writing about the benefits of extending your fundraising relationship with this undervalued group. Well, this month I’m still bangin’ away. After more than a decade of focusing on this high-value segment, I’ve got lots to say!

Mid-Level Program, Direct Mail, Annual Giving, Monthly Program, Relationship Fundraising, Stewardship, Retention, Donor Journey, Donor Experience April 19, 2016
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Are you on the middle donor bandwagon?

Written By: Cam Shapansky on March 02, 2016

Back in 1989, Stephen R. Covey published his best-seller The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and for some time after that everything in business was about time management.

Mid-Level Program, Acquisition, Donor Experience, New Donor Onboarding March 2, 2016
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Take some cues from a ketchup bottle

Written By: Cam Shapansky on December 02, 2015

I’m fresh out of the AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) Congress in Toronto and my biggest takeaway is ketchup.

Acquisition, Donor Journey, Donor Experience, New Donor Onboarding, Relationship Fundraising, Data Analytics and Insights December 2, 2015
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Give your middle donors the keys

Written By: Cam Shapansky on October 19, 2015

Non-profit organizations tend to put donors into three “buckets” — Mass, Middle, and Major. Are you paying equal attention to all three?

Mid-Level Program, Monthly Program, Annual Giving, Retention, Acquisition, Stewardship, New Donor Onboarding, Relationship Fundraising, Donor Journey, Donor Experience October 19, 2015
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