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6 Reasons Why Donor Centricity Is Essential for Revenue Growth

Written By: Pete Ward on January 22, 2019

By Pete Ward, Senior Director, Client Insights

Data Analytics and Insights, Retention January 22, 2019
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New Thoughts on New Donors

Written By: Cam Shapansky on June 07, 2017

Before I get ahead of myself, I wanted to note how excited I am to be sharing this blog with you from our brand new website! Be sure to take a browse and check out our new resources and content.

Acquisition, Donor Experience, Donor Journey, New Donor Onboarding, Relationship Fundraising, Stewardship, Retention June 7, 2017
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Stuck in the middle: A little-understood segment with huge potential

Written By: Cam Shapansky on April 19, 2016

Last month, I started banging the drum about Middle Donors, writing about the benefits of extending your fundraising relationship with this undervalued group. Well, this month I’m still bangin’ away. After more than a decade of focusing on this high-value segment, I’ve got lots to say!

Mid-Level Program, Direct Mail, Annual Giving, Monthly Program, Relationship Fundraising, Stewardship, Retention, Donor Journey, Donor Experience April 19, 2016
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Give your middle donors the keys

Written By: Cam Shapansky on October 19, 2015

Non-profit organizations tend to put donors into three “buckets” — Mass, Middle, and Major. Are you paying equal attention to all three?

Mid-Level Program, Monthly Program, Annual Giving, Retention, Acquisition, Stewardship, New Donor Onboarding, Relationship Fundraising, Donor Journey, Donor Experience October 19, 2015
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You Have $75. How Should You Spend It?

Written By: Cam Shapansky on June 03, 2015

There’s no doubt — we’re living in a tough fundraising environment.

New Donor Onboarding, Donor Journey, Donor Experience, Retention, Acquisition, Stewardship June 3, 2015
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