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Give your middle donors the keys

Written By: Cam Shapansky

Non-profit organizations tend to put donors into three “buckets” — Mass, Middle, and Major. Are you paying equal attention to all three?

Keys to middle donor growthMiddle donors tend to be the ones who are overlooked, although lately they’re getting more attention in the fundraising industry.

Blue North has lots of experience with Middle donors — in fact, it’s where we got our start. Here’s my advice for showing some love to these committed givers:

Give them the keys. Let your Middle donors drive the relationship with your organization.

What do I mean by that?

I mean you need to listen to your Middle donors closely. Find out what matters to them. Gather qualitative and quantitative insights, and use these to deepen your donor relationships.

Listen to them.

Your Middle donors are an incredible resource. If your representatives are in contact with them by phone, you have a tremendous opportunity to listen to these donors. What are they passionate about? Why do they support your organization? What do they want to hear more about? How else do they want to get involved?

Look at their data.

Look closely at your Middle donor data to gather more information. Find out:
> What programs your Middle donors give to.
> When they give — their preferred time of year.
> How they want you to communicate with them.
> Anything else that sets this group of givers apart from the rest.

Now, bring it all together.

Connect the quantitative data with the qualitative data captured by your reps. Look for natural giving patterns. Then, meet the passion of your Middle donors with personalized communications and giving opportunities.

For example, maybe you find out your Middle donors tend to give big gifts at the end of the year. Why not create an annual renewable request for a specific program, and send this out to them every November?

Give your Middle donors — the overlooked ones — the keys. You won’t regret it.

If you’d like to explore this further, ask about our comprehensive Middle donor training program for your representatives.

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