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Robyn Kennedy: Middle Donors Explained

Written By: Blue North on May 23, 2019

Introducing Robyn Kennedy, Blue North's Senior Relational Strategist. Robyn provides effective tools and strategies to help our clients make the biggest impact possible. In this video, she explains why investing in Middle Donors is a great opportunity for your fundraising organization.

Middle Donor Progam May 23, 2019
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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Written By: Blue North on April 18, 2019

When a donor gives, your gut reaction might be to say, “Yes, we did it!” But as a seasoned fundraiser, you know that the work is not quite done. As Alan Clayton has said better than anyone else I’ve heard, “Giving provides the donor a warm glow, thanking them and reminding them of that gift extends the glow and makes it more memorable.”

Retention, Middle Donor Progam April 18, 2019
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Meet a Do-Gooder: Melissa Stillman

Written By: Blue North on February 26, 2019

Just as the stories of your beneficiaries inspire and educate your donors, we think the stories of fellow fundraisers can inspire you.

Meet a Do-Gooder February 26, 2019
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Giving Tuesday Q&A with Digital Specialist Stephanie Lapensee

Written By: Blue North on December 19, 2018


Insider, Donor Experience, Relationship Fundraising December 19, 2018
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