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Meet a Do-Gooder: Melissa Stillman

Written By: Blue North on February 26, 2019

Just as the stories of your beneficiaries inspire and educate your donors, we think the stories of fellow fundraisers can inspire you.

Meet a Do-Gooder February 26, 2019
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6 Reasons Why Donor Centricity Is Essential for Revenue Growth

Written By: Pete Ward on January 22, 2019

By Pete Ward, Senior Director, Client Insights

Data Analytics and Insights, Retention January 22, 2019
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Top Secrets to a Middle Donor Program

Written By: Cam Shapansky on November 28, 2018

Much has been written lately about the benefits of a strong Middle Donor program — and rightly so. With other fundraising areas showing a decrease in returns, a robust Middle Donor program can offset some of these losses. While many agencies are trying to “figure it out,” there is a proven best-practice approach ready to be implemented.

Mid-Level Program, Middle Donor Progam November 28, 2018
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Gather the diamonds hiding in your data

Written By: Pete Ward on January 15, 2018


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Know where your donors belong

Written By: Cam Shapansky on November 03, 2017


Donor Journey, Donor Experience, Relationship Fundraising November 3, 2017
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New Thoughts on New Donors

Written By: Cam Shapansky on June 07, 2017

Before I get ahead of myself, I wanted to note how excited I am to be sharing this blog with you from our brand new website! Be sure to take a browse and check out our new resources and content.

Donor Journey, New Donor Onboarding, Acquisition, Donor Experience, Relationship Fundraising, Stewardship, Retention June 7, 2017
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People hate being asked for money

Written By: Cam Shapansky on May 24, 2017

I’ll never forget when Taylor Conroy of Change Heroes and now Journey333 said that at the beginning of a talk at one of our summits.

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The Gift of The Ask

Written By: Cam Shapansky on January 02, 2017

I was struck this past Christmas by something my 13-year-old son did.

Donor Journey, New Donor Onboarding, Donor Experience, Relationship Fundraising January 2, 2017
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Do the math

Written By: Cam Shapansky on September 22, 2016

I’ve talked to a lot of organizations lately that seem to be frightened by the current environment and chasing a spiral down the drain.

Donor Journey, New Donor Onboarding, Acquisition, Donor Experience September 22, 2016
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Million-Dollar View

Written By: Cam Shapansky on August 10, 2016

In much of the world this mountainous view of the ocean would demand a million-dollar price tag, just for the view. But this is Haiti and this is the coastline that 600,000 residents of Port Au Prince came to after the earthquake nearly seven years ago.

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